Single handed access to the iPad

Gestures PinchMany of users with a disability have only one hand available to interact with their iPad, be it because of a stroke or another disability. Also it can be quite difficult to perform some of the gestures needed for the iPad using the working hand, e.g. the pinch gesture for zooming in and out of images and maps.

Here some tips how to interact with some apps using only one hand and easy gestures:

Zooming in and out (making the display bigger/smaller)

In maps you would normally use the pinching gesture to zoom in and out of the map. Here some tips for one handed, easy alternatives:

Screen shot iOS maps

Using iOS maps you can zoom in (make things bigger) with a one-finger double tap. Zooming out (make things smaller) works with a single two-finger tap. Same works with Google Maps and Google Earth.

Looking at photos you only tap with one finger: one-finger double tab zooms both in and out.

Taking a screen shot

Please take a look at my post on the Skitch app. This allows you to take screen shots of images, maps and websites using an in-app screen button: Taking and sharing iPad screenshots with one finger…


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