Anster Mindstorms Club

FLL Challenge 2018/19!

Here the link to the Challenge Guide on the FLL Website:

Down the guide and study it after you watched the following two introduction videos. The guide has lots of links to resources for more information you might need for your project.

Remember, there might be updates, clarifying the project or robot challenges! Here a link to the update PDF: from this page:

The Project:

Watch the video and look out for ideas for a human physical or social problem that space travellers are faced with during long duration space exploration within our Sun’s solar system.

The Robot Game:

Check out the 15 missions to decide which ones to tackle.

Videos and information from other sources:

INTO ORBIT Mission and Points Explanation Video by Mr Hino on Youtube:

Some tips for newcomers from the IET (The Institute for Engineering and Technology):

Taken from the IET FLL website:

Here is a full playlist with tips from Mr Hino and others for FLL and the Into Orbit challenges:

First Lego League UK

First Lego League UK has all the information you need about the dates and venue for our competition this year.

Interesting Websites

Some YouTube examples from previous FLL competitions:

A robot for the Animal Allies

The Scottish Robot that went to the UK finals for Animal Allies