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UserWay accessibility widget installed

I came across this excellent little widget for my website to help accessibility:

Please give it a try and let me know how it works: It’s a wheelchair user button on the right hand side of the screen – just tap/click it!

If you are interested in installing it onto your WordPress site you might want to download another widget that allows you to insert the code needed for UserWay: “Insert Headers and Footers“.

Any feedback welcome, I look forward to hearing from you!


Gaming and AT

Gaming and AT

There was a discussion recently on the CM AAC network on gaming and AT. Here some some of the links:

Speaking our Language

ImageAn article in Aberdeen University’s new magazine, Scientia (page 16-17), describes the use of Natural Language Generation (NLG) such as in our “How was School today…?” project. In the collaboration project between Aberdeen and Dundee we used an area of NLG, Data-to-text, to generate stories that could be used by children with complex disabilities to talk to their parents and peers about their experiences at school.