Single handed access to the iPad

Many of users with a disability have only one hand available to interact with their iPad, be it because of a stroke or another disability. Also it can be quite difficult to perform some of the gestures needed for the iPad using the working hand, e.g. the pinch gesture for zooming in and out of […]

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ATBar to improve accessibility

I am trialling the ATBar from the University of Southampton. Click the ATBar button at the centre top of the page and a toolbar will appear with functions such as “Text-to-speak” to allow you to get the website text be read out to you. Take a look at the following link for an explanation of […]

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Taking and sharing iPad screenshots with one finger…

Screenshots are a brilliant method to share information, especially for people with aphasia. However, the standard method to take a screen shot on an iPad requires some dexterity: you need to synchronise two button presses, using both hands – not necessarily and easy task. Skitch (on iTunes: allows you to easily take a screenshot, […]

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Accessible PDFs on the Kindle app

I recently had to make a physical book that was long out of print accessible for someone using an iPad for single-switch-accessed reading. With the help of a colleague at Disability Services at Dundee University I ended up with a PDF file with embedded OCR information that should allow the reader for example to adjust […]

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It’s sometimes so simple…

Accessing a website using the keyboard rather than the mouse should be easy. By using the ‘Tab’ key you can jump from link to link. However, on many websites your focus, i.e. the link you have tabbed to, is hardly visible, only framed by a thin dotted line if at all. A simple change to […]

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